What is Bond Swapping?

In a bond swap, you sell one fixed-income holding for another in order to take advantage of current market and/or tax conditions and better meet your current investment objectives or adjust to a change in your investment status. Fixed-income securities make excellent candidates for swapping because it is often easy to find two bonds with similar features in terms of credit quality, coupon, maturity and price.

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Why You Would Consider Swapping

  • Increase the quality of your portfolio
  • Increase your total return
  • Benefit from interest rate changes
  • Lower your taxes

How to Avoid a Wash Sale:

You can avoid a wash-sale by changing at least 2 out of 3 of the following security characteristics:

  • The issuer, or name of the security
  • The coupon, or interest rate paid
  • The maturity, or life of bond
  • Short-term losses can only offset short term gains and they are taxed as ordinary income. A short-term bond is defined as having been held for less than 12 months. Long-term losses can only offset long term gains and are subject to any associated long-term taxes. A long-term bond is defined as having been held for more than 12 months.

    IMPORTANT: IRS rules limit the amount of deductions that can be taken and/or offset, and gains and losses must both occur in the same calendar year. However, carry-forward losses may also be available. Losses in a qualified or retirement account may not be used. The information provided here relates only to investment advice and does not replace or serve as professional tax advice. Please consult a qualified tax advisor regarding any questions you may have, as tax implications and benefits vary.

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